My honest review on addiction killer powder

By : Anonymous

Hello, I am writing this for everyone who is addicted to alcohol / smoking, etc. and is tired of seeing their family and loved ones suffer because of it. I am also writing this for the people who are deeply affected by the addiction of people who are close to them. I write this in all honesty and hope that you respect my anonymity on this as I am a husband and a father of two.

Alcohol being a very socially acceptable mind altering substance entered my life when I was just in high school. It started off as something that me and my friends used to do occasionally at parties and over the years turned into this leach that sucked out my family’s happiness, caused a communication gap between me and my children and shattered my bond with my wife. This situation was the result of me inability to cope up with pressure from work. I started to drink whenever I felt the slightest of burden and when my family members told me what I was doing is wrong, I used to lose all control over my temper. My addiction turned me into this unimaginable monster and that was the worst thing that could happen to my family both financially and psychologically.

I never looked at this need for constant consumption of alcohol as an addiction until it was very late. Two years after this drinking problem of mine became a serious issue for my family’s stability, I felt this strange resistance building up against wanting to consume alcohol. I started to feel like I was gaining the control I thought had gone forever. The times when I used to find myself helpless and opened up a bottle that instant, I somehow found the strength to say NO to myself. As soon as my wife observed this change in me, she came up to me in tears telling me that she had finally found a solution that will end all of this. She told me that she had been mixing some powder in my food. I was taken aback at first but curious to know more about it as I myself was feeling very different and in a better way. It had been a month since she had started mixing the Addiction Killer powder in my food and it was after a month that results actually started to show. She also admitted that this was her last hope and had almost given up on me.

I am a very skeptical person and do not believe whatever is advertised but this time, I had seen and felt the results of this Addiction Killer powder. I somehow still didn’t believe that all my problems were being solved by some miracle powder called Addiction Killer so I did some more research before buying more. For this, I contacted the people who had already willingly purchased this product. I found these people through the comments section of Addiction Killer’s social pages. I made sure I only contacted the people who had posted queries regarding the working of the product so that I knew they are genuine. After contacting them I got to know that Addiction Killer was doing wonders for them as well.

Now, it’s been more than a year since I have quit my drinking habit completely. I’ve recreated my bond with my wife, my children have regained their love and respect for me and I am doing fairly well in my office. All this is possible only because of Addiction Killer, this powder really did a wonder for me and truly turned my life around. If you are one of the addicts who want this suffering to end once and for all, I would not just recommend but also request you to try the Addiction Killer for your own good.

I’ve been reading some fake negative feedbacks and reviews on the internet having claims like this product doesn’t work. It’s really disheartening to see a genuine product like Addiction Killer being defamed just to gain little popularity on social media and internet.
Let me assure you that all these fake reviews are based on fake logics and false information. To be specific, I am talking about the “Do Ayurvedic Addiction Killer Powders Really Work?“ blog post where statements like “BEWARE OF THESE ADVERTISEMENTS ON 'ADDICTION KILLER POWDERS’! “ have been used. I just feel sad for the person who would value his or her personal gain and fame over the well being of a community. Addicts like me need miracles like Addiction Killer now more than ever.

About the other products, namely ‘No Addiciton’ , ‘De Addiction Powder’ , ‘Zero Addiction’ ,etc. mentioned in the blog. These names were probably not even thought of back when I did my research on addiction killer. Didn’t really find any genuine reviews on ANY of these but all I could gather from public option was that these products have tried well to imitate the name but lack the right formulation.

I hope this review helps all those who are in search of a true and fair view of how things actually are. I can’t thank Addiction Killer enough for how much it has helped me and my family. I wish that people who are in dire need of this product are made aware of which product works, which does not, who’s writing truth and who’s writing complete lies.


I truly agree with above review about Addiction Killer that it is very effective and there are many companies that are defaming addiction killer by posting negative reviews. “No Addiction”, “Zero Addiction”, “Daru Mukti”, “D-Addiction”, etc these companies are selling their products by using the name Addiction Killer and their products are not fruitful. They are selling fake products because they want to damage the reputation of Addiction Killer. I am using Addiction Killer from last 2 months and I have almost overcome my addiction to smoking. I am really satisfied with the results of Addition Killer and will suggest everyone to first try the product before making any negative mindset.

I have reviewed many products and no product can stand in front of Addiction Killer. I completely concur with the above feedback that to make a position in market people have to drop down their rivals they used different things and spreading negative feedback is one of them. Let me tell you, I was addicted to marijuana and wanted to get rid of my addiction. After seeing my condition one of my friend’s uncle suggested me to try the Ayurvedic formula, Addiction Killer. Ignoring all the bad influence, I started taking this product and soon started noticing that my craving for marijuana is diminishing. Addiction Killer helped me to come out of this bad addiction. To be in the limelight other products are criticizing this product.

When I was in the corporate world, I understood that to pull someone down, people play politics same case is happening with Addiction Killer. I used to smoke regularly whenever I feel little stress. My younger daughter was worried that I can’t quit this habit. Then I surfed the net and found many products that help us to quit the addiction. I went to many sites and read many reviews about different products. Addiction Killer seemed most interesting because there were mixed reviews. I tried Addiction Killer and within 3 months I quit my habit of smoking. Thank You Addiction Killer now I am living a carefree life.